• Seller Criteria for Scoop My Art

The sellers who sell at Scoop My Art should be home-entrepreneurs i.e., selling from their homes and the products they sell here should be homemade, customized or handpicked by them. This platform is not meant for resellers or wholesalers. If any products or sellers violate this, then the respective page would be removed from the Scoop My Art Platform.

  • Sell authentic products

The products displayed by you in your page should be either created by you or you should have the authority to display and sell the items. If any complaints are raised against your products, then you should remove the product immediately from the Scoop My Art website and you alone would have to face the legal consequences related to your product. Also, the quality/ ingredients of the product that is delivered to the customer should be the same as that mentioned in the product description or the Order Invoice. If the products are found to be harmful to the buyers then you would be solely held responsible and would have to bear all the legal and financial consequences and not Scoop My Art.

  • Means of communication between Scoop My Art and the sellers

Once you are a registered seller of Scoop My Art, you give us the authority to communicate official matters with you through your registered email ID, mobile number, and address. If you face any issues regarding the same you can always connect with your Scoop My Art Buddy or Customer Care executives.

  • Communicating with buyers for orders

You should only use the Scoop My Art website for taking orders. Any personal information or something which is not related to the current order cannot be shared through the Scoop My Art platform. The communication should be in a friendly and well-mannered tone and the buyer should not feel offended at any point. Also, you should not use Scoop My Art to showcase your products and then redirect customers to another medium to save the commission fee. If noted, you would be immediately removed from the Scoop My Art platform.

  • Shipping Policy

You should be taking care of the shipping of your orders and the associated delivery charges. If there are any delays in the delivery of the Good(s) then you, as a seller, are responsible and are answerable to the customer.

  • Promoting content posted in Scoop My Art

If you are a registered seller of Scoop My Art, then Scoop My Art has the full right to promote the content that you upload on the Scoop My Art website to Scoop My art social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

  • Illegal contracts

If one seller gets into a contract with another seller of Scoop My Art, then Scoop My Art is in no way responsible for any issues associated with such a contract. 

  • Seller Protection Policy

We know the passion and hard work you have put behind making your products. If you feel that your product styles have been copied and someone has reproduced it without your permission at Scoop My Art you should complain to us immediately so that we can take further action.

  • Scoop My Art Website Policies

Scoop My Art reserves all the rights for the website and thus can make any changes to the website,as well as these terms and conditions, related to the site. Also if a seller is not found to adhere to the Site policies then Scoop My Art has the power to remove the seller from the platform.

  • Privacy Policy

For taking orders, sellers may contact the buyer personally, through email, call or messages. If the connection has been established through Scoop My Art the seller should not contact the buyer for reasons other than the order. If any complaint is received and hence the seller is proven guilty, then serious action would be taken against the respective seller. And also vice versa, if the seller feels that their personal information is being misused they should complaint immediately to the Customer Executive team.

  • Excellent Customer Service

As Scoop My Art believes in a high level of customer satisfaction, you are expected to treat the buyers respectfully. Starting from order confirmation to order delivery, everything needs to be on time. If the product is unavailable or due to any reason cannot be delivered, then the order needs to be canceled immediately. The product quality should be maintained and as mentioned in the product description. The concerns of your customers should be given high priority and solved urgently. If in any case you are unable to contact your customer then inform the Scoop My Art Team and we would contact the customer on your behalf.

  • Return, Cancellation and Refund policy

As all the goods are made/ sourced by you as per special customer request, Scoop My Art does not have a return or refund policy. In terms of cancellation, if the order is cancelled by you, then the full order amount needs to be refunded to the customer. If the order is cancelled by your customer then you need not refund the amount. In cases where the work has not been started and you have not incurred any losses, you have the choice to refund the amount to the customer and thus contribute to our community’s vision of providing excellent customer service.